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getting there and getting around

Getting There, Getting Around and Getting Informed

Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey’s capital, are both easy to fly to from the United States. Within Turkey, most travelers opt for the inexpensive but well-developed bus system, including overnight routes that take you from one part of the country to another while you sleep. (I recommend bringing earplugs and a sleep mask if you actually want to get some sleep.)

07 Feb 2011

Getting There and Getting Around Mallorca

To get to Mallorca, you can fly from many major airports in Europe on a one- to two-hour flight. If you have the time (and perhaps already plan to have a car during a trip in mainland Spain), you can also take a ferry. Going from Barcelona to Palma de Mallorca with your car can cost the same as a plane ticket on an average airline carrier, about $350 — but it’s a seven-hour trip to cover a few hundred kilometers.

06 Jan 2011

Getting There And Getting Around Switzerland

Jungfrau and other peaks in the Bernese Alps are easily accessible by train or bus from Geneva or Zürich. The Swiss train system is excellent, and generally on time. Buses are reliable as well, run by Swiss Post (post office, bank and bus system, all in one, and all three are available from mountaintops to lakeshores, in all kinds of weather). 

12 Nov 2010

Getting There And Getting Around Michigan

Part of the Upper Peninsula’s appeal is its inaccessibility. The U.P. boasts a few small airports with service from Detroit and Chicago, but they have limited car rentals, so driving up from Michigan’s lower mitt or from Wisconsin or Ontario (across the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge) is probably your best bet. Fortunately for travelers, much of the region’s economy is tourism-based and even the smallest waypoints offer cozy cabins and bed and breakfasts. Campsites are also plentiful throughout the U.P. 

12 Oct 2010

Getting There And Getting Around Oregon

To visit Crater Lake, fly into Portland, rent a car and take a five-hour ride down Interstate 5 and a couple of smaller highways to Crater Lake National Park. If you’re not pressed for time, take scenic routes 26 and 97 along the crest of the Cascades mountain range, where you’ll pass by 3,426-meter-tall Mount Hood, 3,200-meter-tall Mount Jefferson and 2,375-meter-tall Mount Washington. The closest large towns to the park are Bend, a picturesque ski town in the shadow of the Three Sisters and Mount Bachelor volcanoes 180 kilometers north of the park, and Medford, a town with a small airport — with daily flights from Portland — in the Rogue River Valley 120 kilometers southwest of the park. Bend/Redmond also has an airport. 

12 Sep 2010

Getting There And Getting Around Zürich

Most visitors to Scuol fly into Zürich, and either stay to check out the old yet modern cosmopolitan banking city or grab a train straight to the Lower Engadine Valley. A train ride to Scuol from Zürich’s main station (Hauptbahnhof in German) takes just under three hours, with a transfer at Landquart. The trip provides passengers with amazing views of the Swiss Alps. Check or for fares and schedules. If you plan to continue traveling south by train, into Italy’s dolomites, consider buying a Eurailpass to save some money. Once you’re in Scuol, try the Post Bus for day trips.

11 Aug 2010

Getting there and getting around Patagonia

There are many ways to get to Patagonia. I would have preferred to get there by following Charles Darwin’s route, aboard a replica of H.M.S. Beagle (especially considering that last year was the 200th anniversary of his birth). Sadly, the modern school calendar dictated that I move more quickly: Two weeks was all I had to work with.
03 May 2010