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Welcome to Travels in Geology, a special section of EARTH in which, each month, we review geologically significant places to visit — such as museums, fossil dig sites, caves and mountain ranges — and the significant geology in places you might be already be planning to visit.

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February: Mid-ocean volcanic excursion: The calderas and caldeiras of the Azores | Kat Cantner and Colin McFadden

January: Lhasa, Tibet: Journey to the roof of the world | Lon Abbott and Terri Cook


December: Touring the Capital Geology of Washington, D.C. | Callan Bentley and Ken Rasmussen

November: Jewel of the Apennines: Italy’s Monti Sibillini National Park | Callan Bentley and Alan Pitts

October: Roof of the Rockies: Trail Ridge Road | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

September: The Pyramids of Giza: Wonders of an Ancient World | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

August: From Sea to Sky in British Columbia | Lon Abbott and Terri Cook

July: Mesozoic masterpiece: England's Jurassic Coast | Terri Cook

June: Rafting the Salmon River Through the Idaho Batholith | Lucas Joel

May: Northern Oman: Stunning canyons, towering dunes and the world's largest ophiolite | Lon Abbott and Terri Cook

April: Underground awe in France: The Caves of the Causses | Callan Bentley

March: Corsica: A fusion of cultures on the Mediterranean’s most mountainous isle | Terri Cook

February: Las Vegas: The scenery beyond the slots | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

January: Roaming the rocky coastline of Downeast Maine | Bethany Augliere


December: The Geological Riches of Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula | Amy Hogue

November: The diverse geology, landscapes and whisys of Scotland's Southwestern Islands | Callan Bentley

October: Cones and craters in Flagstaff, Arizona | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

September: Sky-High Adventure on Bolivia's Altiplano | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

August: Austria’s Salzkammergut: World Heritage Preserved in Salt | Lon Abbott and Terri Cook

July: A Tale of Two Rivers: Grand Junction, Colorado | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

June: Tracking African Animals and Deranged Drainages Across the Kalahari | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

May: Geo-diversity and Geologic History in the North West Highlands of Scotland | Callan Bentley

April: Easter Island’s Enduring Enigmas | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

March: Exploring Maine's magnificent Mount Katahdin | Bethany Augliere

February: The Dead Sea Rift: Salty Soaks and Ancient Earthquakes in a Storied Land | Lon Abbott and Terri Cook

January: Scotland’s Stunning Shetland | Callan Bentley


December: Exploring an icon of Patagonia: Chile's Torres del Paine National Park | Lon Abbott and Terri Cook

November: Tumbler Ridge: Finding dinosaurs — and their predecessors and descendants — in northeastern British Columbia | John Geary

October: Guatemala's Volcan Pacaya: A feast for the senses | Michael Steel

September: Limestone and legends in Northern VietnamTerri Cook and Lon Abbott

AugustZermatt: Europe meets Africa in Switzerland's iconic AlpsTerri Cook and Lon Abbott

July: Sculptures of wind and ice: Sleeping Bear Dunes and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshores | Lucas Joel

June: Turkey's storied Turquoise Coast | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

May: Discovering Denver's Dinosaurs | Terri Cook

April: Gotland getaway: Sweden's 'tropical' escape in the Baltic | Naomi Lubick

March: The King's Highway: The crossroads of ancient Jordan | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

February: Rocks and Climbing at Kentucky's Red River Gorge | Lucas Joel

January: Peninsular Greece: A gorgeous state of collapse | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott


December: Sedona: A Journey to the Edge of a Supercontinent | Terri Cook

November: Cyprus: Island of Oceanic Crust | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

October: Rafting the Pacific Northwest's Heavenly Hells Canyon | Mary Caperton Morton

September: Australia's Whitsunday Islands: Sun, Sand and Silicic Volcanism | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

August: Touring Texas' Trans-Pecos | Terri Cook

July: Hiking the Catskills Mountain Front | Robert and Johnanna Titus

June: Glaciers and Grapes in South Australia | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

May: A Trek Through Himalayan Geology in Nepal | Jesse Davenport

April: Skiing Into the Heart of an Andean Volcano | Karin Kirk

March: Exploring Connecticut's Ancient Rift Valley | Terri Cook

February: Navigating the Rocks, Reefs and Waters of Bermuda | Sam Lemonick

January: Lentils, Lace and Lava: France’s Massif Central | Terri Cook


December: The Inspiring, Globe-Trotting Rocks of Scotland | Mary Caperton Morton

November: Bali Beckons | Terri Cook

October: Winter Sun and Tectonic Tales in Tucson | Terri Cook

September: Aussie Outback Adventure | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

August: Basalt Cliffs and Columns along Northern Ireland's Causeway Coast Way | Mary Caperton Morton

July: Trekking the High Terrain of Tajikistan | Saam Shams

June: Croatia: The Land of Limestone | Terri Cook

May: From Beaches to Bush: Tramping in New Zealand | Terri Cook

April: Gubbio Italy: A Geologist's Mecca | Terri Cook

March: Walking toward Whitney: A Journey through the Sierra High Country along the John Muir Trail | Kate Prengaman

February: A Taste of Provence, France | Terri Cook

January: Antarctica: Following in the Footsteps of Giants | John Van Hoesen


December: The Bay of Kotor: Europe's Southermonst "Fjord" | Terri Cook

November: The Wild East of Wyoming: Bone Wars, Outlaw Hideouts and Crack Climbing | Mary Caperton Morton

October: Western Nebraska's Geoheritage Gems | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

September: Exotic Dunes and Atomic Bombs in New Mexico's White Sands | Mary Caperton Morton

August: Journeying through Cuba's Geology and Culture | Debra Hanneman

July: The Canary Islands: Touring the "Hawaii of Europe" | Terri Cook

June: The Ephemeral Florida Keys | Mary Caperton Morton

May: Slickrock Sojourn in Moab, Utah | Terri Cook

April: Adventuring in Upstate New York and Remembering a Life Cut Short | Kathrina Szymborski

March: Havasu Canyon: Land of Blue-Green Water | Lon Abbott and Terri Cook

February: Abode of the Clouds: A Journey to Meghalaya, India | Subrata Purkayastha and Jordan Clary

January: Famous Fossils and Spectacular Scenery at British Columbia's Burgess Shale | Mary Caperton Morton


December: Exploring Vulcan's playground | John Van Hoesen

November: The Desert Geology of Namibia | Kathrina Szymborski

October: Touring Geologic Time in Colorado Springs | Lon Abbott and Terri Cook

September: South Africa: On Safari for the Geological Big Five | Callan Bentley

August: Lake Tahoe: Jewel of the Sierra Nevada | R. Forrest Hopson

July: Trapped by Geology in Iceland | David B. Williams

June: Northeastern Australia's Atherton Tablelands | Lon Abbott and Terri Cook

May: Santorini: Dangerous Volcano, Postcard-Perfect Jewel of the Aegean | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

April: Chile: Exploring the Archaeology, Volcanoes, and Hot Springs of the Northern Atacama Desert | John Van Hoesen

March: Going to Extremes in Death Valley | Mary Caperton Morton

February: Hiking Mount Nyiragongo in Virunga National Park, Congo | Kathrina Szymborski

January: Exploring Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument | Laurie J. Schmidt


December: Barbados: Ascending the Sea-Level Staircase | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

November: Unearthing the Ghosts of Ghost Ranch, New Mexico | Mary Caperton Morton

October: The Burren: Ireland's "Great Rock" Region | Anthony King

September: Nova Scotia: A Driving Tour of Pangaea | Sam Lemonick

August: Australia's Blue Mountains Delight the Senses | Meghan Miner

Glacial Pools to Sea Caves: A Tour of New Zealand's South | Laurie J. Schmidt

Twin Coral Reefs separated in time in Western Australia | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

July: Lassen Volcanic National Park: A Volcanic Wonderland | R. Forrest Hopson

Florissant Fossil Beds | Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

Climbing Mount Shasta | Helen Huntley

June: Stonehammer Geopark, Canada: A Billion Years of Stories | Randall Miller

May: Soaking Up the Dead Sea | Sam Lemonick

April: Trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu | Mary Caperton Morton

March: Precipitous Peaks and Dunes in Colorado | Nicole Branan

February: Ever-Changing Turkey | Callan Bentley

January: Mallorca: Set in Stone | Naomi Lubick


December: Kilauea: Experiencing Pele's Wrath Through the Eyes of a Young Geologist | Zahra Hirji

November: To the Top of Europe: Jungfrau, Switzerland | Naomi Lubick

October: Up to Michigan's U.P. | Mary Caperton Morton

September: Clear Water and Cataclysm at Oregon's Crater Lake | Mary Caperton Morton

August: Lower Engadine Valley, Switzerland | Naomi Lubick

July: Volcanoes, Beaches and Rainforests: Terrain Hopping in Costa Rica | Joshua Zaffos

June: Floods, Fires and Bears in Montana's Bitteroot Valley | Mary Caperton Morton

May: Patagonia: The Ends of the Earth | Callan Bentley

April: Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro | Zahra Hirji


October: Chesapeake Bay: From Impact Craters to Executive Orders | Zahra Hirji

August: Arkansas: A Geologic Diamond in the Rough | Mary Caperton Morton

July: Exploring Mountains, Plateaus and Valleys and Eating Llama in Nothern Argentina | Joshua Zaffos

June: The Midwest's Little Egypt | Katherine Unger

May: Tanzania's Natural Wonders | Alexandra Ossola

April: Exploring Lake Baikal, the Sacred Sea | David B. Williams

February: The Osa Peninsula : A Different Side of Costa Rica | Nate Burgess

January: Atop the German Alps | Mary Caperton Morton


December:  Autralia's Wonders, from Ocean to Desert | Jason Betzner

October: Thrills and Spills at West Virginia's New River Gorge | Mary Caperton Morton

September: Taking in Hawaii's Big Island | Brian Fisher Johnson

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