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Down to Earth With: Evan Thomas

At age 16, Evan Thomas made a list of 100 life goals — his bucket list. At only 27 years old, he’s done pretty well so far: Graduate college with a degree in aerospace engineering — check. Get a doctorate by age 25 — almost (missed by 11 days). Work for NASA — check. Start a business, help people, travel the world — check, check, check. Get a private pilot license — check. Climb the world’s tallest mountains — in process.
02 May 2011

Getting There and Getting Around Montana

To get to the Bitterroot Valley, you can fly into Missoula, Helena, Great Falls or Kalispell (or any number of other smaller airports), or drive. Amtrak runs to several cities in Montana, but none are close enough that you wouldn’t still need to rent a car to get to the valley. But once there, you’ll need a car or a bike to get around anyway. Biking is quite popular in the valley, where the roads are mostly flat and bike lanes parallel the highway. You’ll often see people on bikes with camping gear strapped to their backs.

11 Jun 2010

Hazardous Living: Good reading - is the apocalypse upon us?

Earthquakes, volcanoes and blizzards, oh my. Is this year anomalous? Has Mother Nature turned on us and decided to shake up the planet? Are we headed toward an apocalypse?

21 Apr 2010