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march 2011

Where on Earth? - March 2011

Clues for March 2011:
1. This mountain — one of the highest on its continent — is a 3-million-year-old stratovolcano with nearly a dozen glaciers at its summit. These glaciers, including the largest remaining ice mass shown here, are the last remains of a giant ice cap that covered the top of the mountain for thousands of years. The glaciers are now rapidly retreating, and may be gone in 30 years.

How oil and water helped the U.S. win World War II

World War II U.S. Gen. Omar Bradley is often cited as the originator of the famous military quote: “Amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics.” Irrespective of its origins, the adage holds true for most extended conflicts — and World War II is no exception. Managing logistics for the production, movement and consumption of energy was one of the critical determinants of success during the war.

15 Feb 2011

Travels in Geology: Precipitous peaks and dunes in Colorado

Majestic snow-capped “fourteeners,” alpine meadows carpeted in wildflowers, pristine mountain lakes. These are the images most people associate with Colorado. One of the best places to experience this rugged wilderness is Rocky Mountain National Park in the northern part of the state.

04 Feb 2011