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Getting There And Getting Around Arizona

The natural beauty of Havasu Canyon is well worth the effort it takes to get there. A limited number of people may visit at one time, so reservations are required and openings are often fully booked months in advance, especially during the Spring Break season.

30 Mar 2013

The River Runners' Route

Havasu’s magnificent waterfalls are also accessible to Grand Canyon river runners, and a stop to experience Havasu Creek’s magical turquoise water is almost mandatory on any Colorado River rafting trip. 

30 Mar 2013

Travels in Geology: Havasu Canyon: Land of blue-green water

For Northern Arizona’s Havasupai tribe, whose name means “People of the Blue-Green Water,” a deep connection with the land has been the culture’s cornerstone for hundreds of years. It is easy to see why when you journey to their magnificent homeland below the Grand Canyon’s rim. There you are treated to all the majestic grandeur you expect in the Grand Canyon, plus a robust stream with the most vibrantly turquoise water this side of the tropics. The stream — Havasu Creek — rushes from one deep emerald pool to the next over a series of small travertine dams and plunges over five spectacular waterfalls as it tumbles pell-mell toward the Colorado River. The shape of each waterfall is slowly modified by the addition of new travertine rock that precipitates out of the very water that tumbles over its lip. More dramatic resculpting is done by the frequent flash floods that roar down Havasu Creek, most recently in 2008.

30 Mar 2013

USArray: Geoscientists' "Earth Telescope"

Big science often requires big tools. Particle physicists use huge particle accelerators. Astronomers need enormous telescopes to peer to the edge of the cosmos. Earth scientists, by contrast, normally probe the planet individually or in small groups using comparatively inexpensive instruments. This “small science” approach has served us well; using it, we have learned a great deal about how Earth works. But now, we have our own big science tool: USArray, a "telescope" for earth scientists to peer deep into the subsurface.

28 Oct 2012

Bigfoot education and outreach

USArray has offered an unprecedented opportunity for earth scientists to explain to the public how we conduct experiments and test hypotheses, and what we aim to learn from the results.

28 Oct 2012

Getting There and Getting Around Colorado

Colorado Springs is easily accessible via major roads or by air. Although the city suffered a devastating wildfire this summer, none of its primary tourist attractions were burned, and all are open for business. 

06 Oct 2012

Travels in Geology: Touring geologic time in Colorado Springs

Few visitors to Colorado Springs, Colo., realize that the spectacular scenery on display at famous sites like Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and the campus of the U.S. Air Force Academy is largely the result of varied geologic processes spanning more than a billion years. Pioneering 19th-century geologist Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden summed it up best when he said:  “I do not know of any portion of the West where there is so much variety displayed in the geology as within a space of 10 miles square around Colorado [Springs].” In fact, the city holds the rare distinction of hosting rocks from every geologic time period save one. The presence of this unusually complete rock history means that while enjoying Colorado Springs’ premier attractions, you can also take a tour of the geologic timescale.

06 Oct 2012

Getting There and Getting Around Cairns

Most visitors fly to Cairns, a tourist-oriented city of 124,000 people with a huge range of restaurants, services and accommodations, including two campgrounds. Several companies run bus tours from Cairns to the Tablelands, but it’s most convenient to rent a car from one of the many airport rental agencies and drive yourself. Just remember to drive on the left side of the road.

05 Jun 2012

Travels in Geology: Northeastern Australia's Atherton Tablelands young volcanoes, waterfalls and rainforest near the Great Barrier Reef

Just one breathtaking hour’s drive from Cairns, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef on the coast of Queensland, in northeastern Australia, the scenic Atherton Tablelands, with their young volcanoes, dramatic waterfalls and lush rainforest, rise a thousand meters above the humid coastal plain. On a leisurely day trip you can circumnavigate this nearly flat plateau, soaking up the scenery formed by some of the continent’s youngest volcanoes, ambling through threatened rainforest ecosystems, and sampling exotic tropical produce.

05 Jun 2012

Getting There and Getting Around Greece

Reaching Santorini by one of the regular domestic or chartered international flights is convenient, but to appreciate fully the dramatic caldera, we recommend arriving by slow ferry (with observation decks). Several are available each day from Athens’ port, Piraeus, as well as more sporadically from other islands. Santorini is very compact, so you can stay on any coast and still see all of the attractions. Although there are established bus routes, the most convenient way to explore the island is by renting a car, motorbike or ATV in any of the main towns.

05 May 2012