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Each month, EARTH interviews earth scientists to bring you an in-depth perspective from individuals across the earth science community.

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January: Warren Huff


December: Gary Griggs

November: Robert Brinkmann

October: Thorvaldur Thordarson

September: Scott Rowald

August: Rowan Lockwood

July: Shane Tucker

June: David Wilcots

May: Vincent Santucci

April: Emily Pidgeon

March: Harold Tobin

February: Craig Clements

January: Ali Nabavizadeh


December: Jess Phoenix

November: Stace Beaulieu

October: Gregory Erickson

September: Lisa D. White

August: Hazel Barton

July: Gifford H. Miller

June: Stephen MacAvoy

May: Gerta Keller

April: James W. Head III

March: Kathleen Johnson

February: Kurt Refsnider

January: Raymond S. Bradley


December: Jill Heinerth

November: Kayla Iacovino

October: Bob Masek

September: Shemin Ge

August: David Steensen

July: Steven Squyres

June: Thomas Berger

May: Steven Semken

April: Eldridge Moores

March: Ted Scambos

February: Greg Stock

January: Barbara Ryan


December: Nigel Hughes

November: Julian Lozos

October: Erin Pettit

September: Jeffrey Bielicki

August: Fred Quivik

July: Peter Molnar

June: Maya Tolstoy

May: Clive Oppenheimer

April: The USGS Landslide Response Team

March: George W. Robinson

February: Lonnie Thompson

January: Chris Field


December: Nicole Barlow

November: Sarah L. Anzick

October: Tom Malloy

September: Chris Strong

August: Kerry Sieh

July: Martin Lockley

June: Steven Stanley

May: Scott Sampson

April: Sally Jewell

February: Eric Riggs

January: Naomi Levin


December: Past American Geosciences Institute Congressional Geoscience Fellows

November: David Montgomery

October: Kirk Johnson

September: Tanya Atwater

August: Neil Armstrong: First Astrogeologist on the Moon

July: Anna Henderson

June: James White

May: James Balog

April: The Lava Cap Winery - Placerville, California

March: Adrian Hunt

February: Terry Plank

January: Brian Tucker


December: Antarctic Meteorite Hunters

November: Jacob Haaq-Misra

October: Lawson Brigham

September: Bruce Benson

August: John Eichelberger

July: Gregory Tucker

June: Jeff Dozier

May: The Geographers of the Solar System

April: Stephen Sparks

March: Richard Alley

February: Kyle House

January: Lee Allison


December: Pat Pringle

November: Matt Kuchta

October: The Swindling Geologist

September: Adam Riess

August: Deanna D'Alessandro

July: The Submersible Alvin

June: John Underhill

May: Evan Thomas

April: Alexander Stewart

March: Richard Prum

February: Kateryna Klochko

January: Hope Jahren


November: Jeffrey Post

October: Matthew Parker

September: Dr. Jonathan Patz

July: Nick Brooks

June: Katerina Dontsova

May: Todd Hoefen

April: Andrew Feustel

March: Sharon Mosher

February: Mike Gallagher

January: Matt Kondolf


December: Buzz Aldrin

November: Lucy McFadden

October: Jessica Whiteside

September: Peter Brewer

August: Ted Irving

July: Jack Horner

June: Randy Olson

May: Marc Kuchner

April: Michael Novacek

March: Maria Zuber

February: New Congressional Science Fellows

January: John Copeland


December: Maurice J. “Ric” Terman

November: John "Jack" Reed Jr.

October: Tom Kaye

September: Kim Stanley Robinson

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