Institutional Digital Access Terms of Service

Below are the terms of access provided to the digital version of EARTH Magazine to institutional subscribers.  Please note because we continue to strive to keep the institutional subscription price of EARTH low, the terms outlined are not negotiable and by subscribing to the publication your online access will be governed by these terms.

  1. The American Geosciences Institute (AGI), publisher of EARTH Magazine, will provide institutional subscribers perpetual access to subscribed issues.  AGI will make a good faith effort to ensure this perpetual access, but retains the right to limit the IP addresses allowed access to those used during the active subscription period.
  2. The subscribing institution may only provide access to the digital version of EARTH to authorized members of the institution - including but not limited to students, faculty, and staff, and if the physical library is open to the public, walk-in patrons.  All access must be controlled by IP address either from access physically at the institution or through appropriate proxies which authenticate users as authorized members of the institution.
  3. The institution subscriber may download and archive copies of the digital EARTH files (PDF or any future format) for inclusion in their own local archives so long as access to those archived files can only be accessed by authorized members of the institution.
  4. The institution recognizes that all digital EARTH files will be watermarked indicating the relevant subscribing institution.  AGI expects the subscribing institution to promote honoring of copyright and fair use by their authorized users.  In the event of evidence of inappropriate use of the materials, the relevant institution will be contacted and requested to work with their offending authorized user.  Continued violation of AGI's copyright may lead to termination of digital access of EARTH for the subscribing institution.
  5. Violation of these terms by the subscribing institution will lead to the termination of access to digital copies of EARTH, and if not a print subscriber, shall be provided the option to pay a supplement to continue their subscription in print only. In addition, the subscribing institution will remove all copies from its digital archives if so requested by AGI in the event of termination of access. Termination of digital access also relieves AGI of its commitment to provide perpetual access to the subscribing institution.
  6. AGI may, at its discretion, modify the terms of service.  The terms of service effective at the start of the subscription term will apply for the duration of that subscription.  Upon renewal, you will be agreeing to the terms of service effective on the date of renewal.

Date effective: 12 September 2012.
The IP Access Request Form is available at: