Where on Earth? - September 2013

Clues for September 2013:
1. This "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" is located in an eponymously named state park on the southwest side of an island better known for its lush gardens and greenery, which flourish thanks to average rainfalls of close to 10 meters per year in spots.
2. The river and the 20-kilometer-long, 1.5-kilometer-wide and 1-kilometer-deep canyon it carved over the last several million years both bear a name that refers, in the native tongue, to the reddish hue of the river that results from erosion of the canyon’s rust-colored basalt.
3. The canyon’s host island — the fourth-largest by area and population in the archipelago of which it’s part — formed as lava flows from a seamount that emerged above the ocean surface between 6 million and 5 million years ago. A massive caldera collapse subsequently helped shape the island and the canyon.
Name the canyon and its host island.
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Answer: Waimea Canyon is part of a state park of the same name on the southwest side of the island of Kaua’i, Hawaii’s fourth-largest island by both area and population. The name “Waimea” means “red water” in Hawaiian and refers to the color of the Waimea River, which has incised the canyon through thick stacks of basalt. Photo is by Craig Mason.
September winners:
T.J. Arnhold (Quakertown, Pa.)
Brian Cardott (Norman, Okla.)
Ken Kuehn (Bowling Green, Ky.)
Albert Lamarre (Dublin, Calif.)
J. Brad Stephenson (Oak Ridge, Tenn.)
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01 Sep 2013