Where on Earth? - September 2012

Clues for September 2012:
1. The scenic views of this desert locale were once home to the native Kawaiisu people, who left petroglyphs in the area. More recently, this canyon has supplied backdrops for movies such as “The Big Country” and “Jurassic Park.”
2. The striking colors in the rock formations’ layers are composed of stream sediment, lake clay, lava flows and volcanic ash that collected in a now-gone ancient valley. A nearby fault has since lifted and tilted the entire area, which includes a famous formation of fossiliferous rock more than 1.5 kilometers thick containing animal and plant fossils from 12.5 million to 7.5 million years ago.
3. People visit this state park — which is located about 200 kilometers from a major metropolitan area of about 13 million people — to camp, hike, bicycle and ride horses. The best time to visit the park is spring and fall; summer days can be scorching and winter days can be freezing.
Name the canyon and its location.
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Answer: California’s Red Rock Canyon State Park hosts 110 square kilometers of multihued buttes, cliffs and valleys, and was historically home to the Kawaiisu people, who left their mark in the form of petroglyphs. Nowadays, Red Rock Canyon is popular for outdoor activities, and has provided backdrops for movies such as 1958’s “The Big Country.” Photo is by L. Brittany Gelbach.
September winners
Rane Curl (Ann Arbor, Mich.)
Thomas McGuire (Cave Creek, Ariz.)
David McMullin (Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada)
Jim Sukup (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Anna O. Zacher (North Hollywood, Calif.)
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01 Sep 2012