Where on Earth? - October 2012

Clues for October 2012:
1. This lake is popular for fishing and has been stocked with several species of game fish for more than half a century. Presently, the lake contains Burbot and Lake Trout, among other fish.
2. The lake sits at an elevation of just over 450 meters, has a maximum depth about 29 meters and about 5 kilometers of shoreline. Despite the lake’s short length — only about 2 kilometers from end to end —its name suggests otherwise.
3. Along the north shore of the lake runs a highway (barely visible in the center of the image) that links the host state’s largest city with the state’s first highway, which also takes drivers to the state’s second-largest city. About 25 kilometers up the road from this site, visitors can see the terminus of a valley glacier from the highway. At almost 40 kilometers long and averaging more than 3 kilometers wide, that glacier is the longest that can be reached by car in this state.
Name the lake and the state recreation site as well as the host state.
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Answer: Located about 130 kilometers up Alaska’s Highway 1 from Anchorage, the 2-kilometer-by-200 meter Long Lake is actually one of several lakes with the same name in Alaska. This one is a popular fishing destination that has been stocked with game fish since the 1950s. Matanuska Glacier, visible from the road, is a short drive up the highway from the lake. Photo is from Lenny and Kent Blatter.
October winners
Gerald Clark (Eugene, Ore.)
John Hebberger Jr. (Jackson, Wyo.)
Chris Scott (Brentwood, Tenn.)
Ajay Sitaula (Pullman, Wash.)
Barbara Smith (Topeka, Kan.)
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01 Oct 2012