Where on Earth? - November 2013

Clues for November 2013:
1. This narrow, dogleg-shaped lake covers 19 square kilometers and is part of both a national forest and a national recreation area in a state nicknamed for its verdant landscape. The lake was impounded and enlarged substantially in 1959 with the completion of a 91-megawatt hydroelectric dam.

2. Tree stumps like those seen here are common in the lake and attest to its historically lower surface level as well as to the area’s logging history. Shallow stumps can be a hazard for boaters.

3. In addition to boating, the lake is a popular site for camping, hiking — trails offer scenic views of two of the state’s 10 highest peaks, including one of the same name as the lake — and fishing for sockeye salmon, trout and kokanee.
Name the lake and its host state.
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Answer: Located within Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington’s 19-square kilometer Baker Lake was impounded in 1959 above the Upper Baker Dam on Baker River. Tree stumps lining the lake’s shore and protruding from its surface attest to the area’s logging history. Photo is by Ethan Weber.

November winners:
Emery Bayley (Bellevue, Wash.)
Walter North (Helena, Mont.)
Brian Peterson (Olympia, Wash.)
Jim Sukup (Indianapolis, Ind.)
William Swartz (Colville, Wash.)
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31 Oct 2013