Where on Earth? - November 2012

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1. The solitary ridge in the distance is part of a circular ring of rock, 180 meters high and 5 kilometers across, that is thought to be the central part of a crater, originally more than 20 kilometers in diameter, formed when either an asteroid or comet slammed into Earth at the site roughly 142 million years ago.
2. The structure is considered sacred by local indigenous peoples, who hold that it formed when a baby — set in a basket by her mother who was dancing through the heavens with a group of women — inadvertently crashed to Earth after the basket toppled over.
3. Located within a conservation reserve today and about 200 kilometers from another well-known sandstone outcrop known as Uluru, the feature was named in 1872 by Ernest Giles after a fellow explorer.
Name the feature and its host country.
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Answer: Gosses Bluff is a 5-kilometer-wide circular rock ridge thought to be the remnants of the central part of a larger crater formed when an asteroid or comet hit Earth roughly 142 million years ago. It is about 200 kilometers northeast of Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, a well-known sandstone formation located in the southern part of Australia’s Northern Territory. Photo is by Thomas McGuire.
November winners
Ann Coppin (Westminster, Calif.)
Laurent Kellerson (London, England)
Laura Powers (Twin Lakes, Wis.)
John R. Reid (Fort Collins, Colo.)
Stephen Tomlin (Mount Evelyn, Australia)
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01 Nov 2012