Where on Earth? - May 2014

Clues for May 2014:

1.  Standing atop this exposed sandstone outcrop, at an elevation of about 975 meters, visitors have a nearly 270-degree panoramic view of the landscape below, which is characterized by long linear valleys and ridges.

2.  The site is located in a stretch of land that sits between a colorfully named mountain range to the east and a presidential-sounding national forest to the west.

3.  The site is said to be the most popular spot at which to take photographs along a famous 3,500-kilometer north-south trail — portions of which are hiked by 2 million to 3 million people annually — and is also featured on a specialty automobile license plate in the state in which it’s located.


Name the site and its home state.

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Answer: McAfee Knob, a sandstone outcrop located between the Blue Ridge Mountains and Jefferson National Forest, offers a roughly 270-degree panoramic view of Virginia’s Valley and Ridge Province. It’s said to be the most popular spot for photographs on the 3,500-kilometer-long Appalachian Trail. Photo is by Mary Caperton Morton.

May winners:
Antonio Arribas (Ann Arbor, Mich.)
Charles Chapman (Ridgefield, Conn.)
Martin Gabber (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Paul V. Heinrich (Baton Rouge, La.)
Major William C. Robinson (Lubbock, Texas)

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30 Apr 2014