Where on Earth? - May 2013

Clues for May 2013:
1. The intricately carved landscape and multihued rocks of the Cloverly Formation seen here consist mainly of different mudstone layers, the source material of which was eroded from volcanic rock and deposited in lakes, swamps and floodplains in the Early Cretaceous.
2. The area encompassing the site is well known as a source of mined bentonite clay — commonly used in drilling mud, cement and even cat litter — as well as dinosaur fossils, notably including those of Deinonychus, a 3-meter-long, bird-like predator that served as inspiration for the terrifying, but misnamed, Velociraptor portrayed in the movie “Jurassic Park.”
3.  The name of this site, which is shared with several other geographically distinct locales, suggests it may have been where a biblical villain prepared meals.
Name the area and its home state.
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Answer: Intricately carved landscapes showcase the multi-hued mudstones of the Cloverly Formation at Devil’s Kitchen, Wyo. A prominent source of mined bentonite and fossils of dinosaurs like Deinonychus, the source material for the Cloverly was originally eroded from volcanic rock before being deposited in lakes, swamps and floodplains in the Early Cretaceous. Photo is by Roy Spitzer.
May winners:
Susan Green (Glens Fall, N.Y.)
Thomas Hawisher (Savoy, Ill.)
Jacq Marie Jack (Atlanta, Ga.)
Brittany Pritchett (Norman, Okla.)
Randy Smith (Lincoln, Neb.)
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01 May 2013