Where on Earth? - March 2014

Clues for March 2014:

1. This 2,380-meter-tall stratovolcano — located 45 kilometers west of its host country's capital in a national park, the Spanish name of which translates to "Green Hill" — is the tallest volcano in the country and one of its most active.

2. The last eruption occurred in October 2005, when ash spewed more than 10 kilometers into the atmosphere and meter-wide volcanic blocks fell up to 2 kilometers from the volcano. Along with heavy rains from Hurricane Stan, in the vicinity at the time, the eruption is thought to have contributed to two fatalities caused by lahars.

3. Despite its activity, the volcano is a popular hiking destination. The distinctive summit is shaped by several nested craters with concentric rims, the innermost of which holds a small crater lake.


Name the volcano and its host country

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Answer: Santa Ana Volcano, also known as Ilamatepec, is located about 45 kilometers west of El Salvador’s capital, San Salvador, in Cerro Verde National Park. A popular hiking destination, the stratovolcano’s distinctive summit features a crater lake inside the smallest of several nested craters with concentric rims. Photo is by Guru Simrat Khalsa.

March Winners:
Kim Cheek (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Ella Ruth Griffith (Culdesac, Idaho)
Charles Sehulster (Crompond, N.Y.)
Jay Smerekanicz (New Boston, N.H.)
Tyler B. Thompson (Midland, Mich.)


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28 Feb 2014