Where on Earth? - March 2013

Clues for March 2013:
1. The braided channels of this nearly 3,000-kilometer-long river — said to be the highest-altitude major river in the world with an average elevation of about 4,000 meters — drain high mountain glaciers and carry water and sediment to other rivers that discharge into the Indian Ocean.
2. Where the east-flowing river bends sharply around a tall peak and turns south, it passes through a massive canyon — deeper and longer than Arizona’s Grand Canyon — that is renowned as a challenge for adventurous kayakers.
3. The river is a large source of hydroelectric power, with massive dam-building projects proposed to supplement smaller dams already in use. The runway seen at the top of the photo is part of an airport located about 60 kilometers to the southwest of the capital city of the territorially disputed region through which the river runs.
Name the river and the region through which it flows.
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Answer:  With an average elevation of about 4,000 meters, the Yarlung Tsangpo is said to be the world’s highest-altitude major river. Its braided channels carry water and sediment draining from the Himalayas thousands of kilometers east through Tibet before the river bends sharply south and flows into India, where it is known as the Brahmaputra River. Photo is by Richard Renn.
March winners:
Daniel Cusson (Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada)
Kevin Furst (Coon Rapids, Minn.)
Drew Lyle (Abingdon, Md.)
Charles Ray (McCall, Idaho)
Jeff Ritchie (Wichita Falls, Texas)
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01 Mar 2013