Where on Earth? - June 2011

Clues for June 2011:
1. This waterfall along a famous gorge is the second-highest year-round (rather than seasonal) waterfall in the United States. The waterfall is in two major tiers; together, its total drop is about 190 meters.
2. The gorge, which separates two states, is famous for its many waterfalls — but most occur only in one state. That side of the gorge is blanketed by thick basalt flows that erupted about 15 million years ago. As it cooled, the basalt formed cooling joints, planes of weakness acted on by erosion, resulting in steep cliffs and waterfalls.
3. A trail leads to a footbridge that crosses above the lower cascade. The bridge was named for a local lumber baron who once owned the falls; he is famous for installing public water fountains in the nearby city as well — to keep his workers from drinking beer at lunch.
Name the waterfall and its location.
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Answer: Multnomah Falls cascades 189 meters over two major tiers in the Columbia River Gorge about 50 kilometers east of Portland, Ore. The scenic waterfall, which attracts close to 2 million visitors each year, is fed year-round by underground springs at Larch Mountain and seasonally by snowmelt and rain. Photo is by Bill Rudolph.
June winners
Shawn Adams (North Bend, Wash.)
Doug Bennett (Boise, Idaho)
Bob Richie (Kerrville, Texas)
Samuel Sims (Bethlehem, Pa.)
Mary Timmons (Chugiak, Alaska)

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