Where on Earth? - June 2010

Clues for June 2010:
1. These 200-million-year-old dinosaur tracks were discovered in 1966 by a bulldozer driver during a construction project.
2. The tracks were probably made by a dinosaur similar to Dilophosaurus, a two-legged carnivore that was about 6 meters long and made famous in “Jurassic Park.”
3. The tracks are between 25 and 41 centimeters long and are now preserved in a state park.
Name this park and its location.
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Answer: Dinosaur State Park is a few kilometers outside of Hartford, Conn. The site was discovered in 1966 when bulldozers were excavating for a new state building. It was made a state park by 1968. These dinosaur tracks were left by a carnivorous dinosaur similar to Dilophosaurus. Photo is copyright John Kapusta.
June winners
Charles Chapman (Ridgefield, Conn.)
Katie DeBell (Kremmling, Colo.)
Dallas Evans (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Ira Merin (Reston, Va.)
Karyn Poff (Kensington, Conn.)
Lisa A. Rossbacher (Marietta, Ga.)
Chris Schrenk (Flemington, N.J.)
C. Brian Trask (Rockland, Maine)
Diane Westfahl (Bothell, W.Va.)
Evelyn Wheeler (Guilford, Conn.)

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23 Jun 2010