Where on Earth? - July 2014

Clues for July 2014:

1. This roughly 10-meter-wide-by-13-meter-high window carved into ocean-side cliffs is found in a National Scenic Area on the Atlantic coast of an island archipelago known for its eponymous sheepdogs and located about 180 kilometers north of its host country.

2. The name of the site translates to “Gate of the Borer” and refers to the notch bored into a thick stack of ignimbrite by storm-driven waves rushing through the opening. The ignimbrite was deposited by a volcano thought to have been active beginning about 400 million years ago.

3. During especially strong storms — as in 2013 most recently — the waves have quarried massive blocks of rock up to 3 meters long and transported the boulders to “storm beaches” 100 meters farther inland and 15 meters above sea level.


Name the site and its host archipelago.

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Answer: Grind o da Navir, or “Gate of the Borer,” is a roughly 10-meter by 13-meter notch carved from a thick stack of ignimbrite on the Atlantic coast of the Shetland Islands, which are located about 180 kilometers northeast of Scotland. The notch has been bored by strong, storm-driven waves that sometimes carry boulders far inland to form “storm beaches.” Photo is by Allen Fraser.

July Winners:
Martha Carr (Atlanta, Ga.)
Jeff Kirtland (Brisbane, Australia)
Dennis McGrath (Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.)
Rodney Sheets (Columbus, Ohio)
Jim Sukup (Indianapolis, Ind.)

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30 Jun 2014