Where on Earth? - July 2013

Clues for July 2013:
1. This rock spire stands 1,690 meters tall and is made of Neoproterozoic-aged granite emplaced during a continental collision while the Gondwana supercontinent was assembling.
2. Situated about 30 kilometers north of its host country’s second-largest city — a metropolis of 6.3 million people known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant Carnival festivities — the feature was named for its resemblance to a “divine” digit pointing skyward.
3. The spire is surrounded by patches of the species-rich Atlantic Forest as well as a number of other rocky peaks in a national park, the name of which translates to “Organ Mountains” and which is popular among rock climbers.
Name the site and its host country.
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Answer: Dedo de Deus (or God’s Finger) is a 1,690-meter-tall granite spire situated about 30 kilometers north of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil’s Parque Nacional da Serra dos Órgãos. The granite formed in the Neoproterozoic during the assembly of Gondwana. The mountain range that includes Dedo is thought to have been uplifted about 60 million years ago. Photo is by Rick Conrey.

July winners:
Martha Carr (Kennesaw, Ga.)
Joe Donoghue (Stillwater, Okla.)
Roger Henning (Las Vegas, Nev.)
Neal Kirby (Trabuco Canyon, Calif.)
Geraldo Guimaraes Vieira dos Santos (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
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01 Jul 2013