Where on Earth? - January 2015

Clues for January 2015:

1. Extending over parts of three countries, this neotropical region is home to a diversity of lush ecosystems due to its transitional position and steep elevation drop-off between high mountains and arid plateaus to the west and a major rainforest and river basin to the east.

2. The rugged landscape makes large-scale agriculture difficult, although the elevation and high humidity are ideal for cultivating crops like coffee and coca, the leaves of which are commonly chewed by local residents for their medicinal quality.

3. The area is traversed by a number of hiking trails, some of which follow paths created centuries ago prior to the arrival of Europeans in the vicinity. The region also lends its name to a treacherous cliffside road frequently dubbed “the world’s most dangerous road.”


Name the region and at least one of its host countries.

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Answer: Extending over parts of Argentina, Bolivia and Peru, the rugged but lush Yungas region lies between the Andes and Altiplano to the west and the Amazon Basin to the east. The area is traversed by hiking paths once used by the Incas, and, in Bolivia, hosts the Yungas Road, frequently called "the world’s most dangerous road." Photos are by Tim Oleson.

January Winners:
Richard W. Bild (Albuquerque, N.M.)
Kirk Ehmsen (Redwood City, Calif.)
Art Johnson (Kenner, La.)
Brian Peterson (Port Angeles, Wash.)
Jim Sukup (Indianapolis, Ind.)

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01 Jan 2015