Where on Earth? - January 2014

Clues for January 2014:
1. The island seen in the distance in this 1963 photo, one of many in the archipelago nation of which it is a part, is an andesitic to dacitic stratovolcano. In historical times, the volcano is known to have erupted in about 1568, 1650, and most recently between about 1830 and 1850.

2. Hiking to accessible volcanic hot springs and dolphin watching are popular activities for visitors to the roughly 40-square-kilometer island. It’s also known for its megapodes — chicken-like birds that incubate their eggs, a local delicacy, in geothermally heated beach sand.

3. The island lends its name to an infamous 1942 naval battle, the first of several in the vicinity, in which the Allied forces suffered a decisive defeat at the hands of the Imperial Japanese Navy.
Name the island and the country of which it is a part.
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Answer: Savo Island, one of the Solomon Islands, sits about 15 kilometers off the northern end of Guadalcanal Island in a strait that became known as “Iron Bottom Sound” during World War II because of the number of naval ships sunk there. Today, the tiny volcanic island is a popular spot to hike and to observe the chicken-like birds, called megapodes, that inhabit it. Photo is by Tom Laudon.

January winners:
Sandi Cannon (Apple Valley, Calif.)
Richard Ipri (West Point, N.Y.)
David McMullin (Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada)
Norman D. Smith (Lincoln, Neb.)
Thomas Smith (Alexandria, Minn.)
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