Where on Earth? - February 2014

Clues for February 2014:
1. Predominantly made of quartz monzonite and deposited by glaciers, these massive boulders — some standing more than 7 meters tall — are located at a site in the eastern foothills of a towering mountain range, whose Spanish name refers to its snowy peaks.

2. About 15 kilometers east of the site sits an ecclesiastically named town, one of the main population centers in an arid, 120-kilometer-long valley that formed as a graben when the land on either side was uplifted along vertical faults.

3. Although the name of the site, shared by a mountain ski resort in Colorado, sounds more like an ingredient you’d use if baking biscuits, the area is actually a
popular destination for bouldering — rock climbing to relatively low heights without ropes.
Name the location of the boulders and their host state.
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Answer: Enormous quartz monzonite boulders can be found in The Buttermilks, located about 15 kilometers west of Bishop, Calif., in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. The site, also known as Buttermilk Country, is popular as a bouldering destination among rock climbers. Photo is by Julia Rosen.
February Winners:
Paul Butler (Olympia, Wash.)
Art Johnson (Kenner, La.)
Bob Ledterman (Los Alamitos, Calif.)
Ted Reeves (Ontario, Calif.)
Anita Robinson (Vancouver, Wash.)

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31 Jan 2014