Where on Earth? - February 2011

Clues for February 2011:
1. The fantastical rocks in this valley, which was named for the legendary, grotesque creatures its rock sculptures resemble, are composed of soft sandstone carved by wind and water.
2. The secluded valley was designated a state park in 1964. The primary rock unit in the park is a red sandstone formation consisting of beach, tidal mudflat and sand dune deposits from the Jurassic, between 180 million and 140 million years ago.
3. About a decade ago, a movie parodying “Star Trek” was filmed at this valley, due to this unearthly scenery.
Name this valley/state park and its location.
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Answer: Wind and water have carved the reddish-brown Entrada Sandstone of Goblin Valley State Park in south-central Utah into fantastical shapes. The sandstones were deposited in the Middle Jurassic when the region was covered by a shallow sea. The unusual landscape was used as the setting for another planet in the 1999 “Star Trek” parody movie “Galaxy Quest.” Photo is by Chad Selbert.
February winners
Frances Abbate (Fox River Grove, Ill.)
Mark Baranoski (New Albany, Ohio)
Sam Burns (Hailey, Idaho)
Michael Elio (Fairport, N.Y.)
Jim Ferguson (Nashville, Ind.)
Sierra Judd (Hailey, Idaho)
David McMullin (Wolfville, Nova Scotia)
Kenya Schott (Ketchum, Idaho)
Robert Welsh (Arvada, Colo.)
Torsten Zeppenfeld (Redwood City, Calif.)

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01 Feb 2011