Where on Earth? - August 2014

Clues for August 2014:

1. Situated in a bountifully named bay, this andesitic stratovolcano rises 320 meters above sea level about 50 kilometers offshore of one of its host country’s main islands. The indigenous name of the site translates as “The Dramatic Volcano.”

2. The volcano is the most active in the country, having had numerous eruptive episodes in the 19th and 20th centuries. The most recent eruption began in 2012 and continues with ongoing venting of steam and gas.

3. The volcano remains a tourist attraction despite its activity level, and the ruins of a former sulfur mining operation — destroyed in 1914 when part of the crater wall collapsed, killing at least 10 workers — can still be seen on the volcano. The privately owned island has also been designated an “Important Bird Area” by the group BirdLife International.


Name the volcano and its host county.

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Answer: New Zealand’s White Island Volcano, known as Whakaari to the indigenous Maori, is a stratovolcano situated about 50 kilometers offshore in the Bay of Plenty. The most active volcano in the country, White Island Volcano’s most recent eruptive episode has been ongoing since 2012, although the island remains a tourist attraction. Photo is by Ulli Limpitlaw.

August Winners:
Claude E. Bolze (Sapulpa, Okla.)
Stephen Desrosiers (Somersworth, N.H.)
Susan Fogleman (Campton, N.H.)
David Goldak (Andover, Kan.)
John Mavrogenes (Canberra, Australia)

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