Where on Earth? - August 2013

Clues for August 2013:
1. This massive dune rises about 350 meters above the surrounding landscape, although its height and shape vary as it is constantly reshaped by wind. It owes its paternal-sounding name to its distinction as the tallest such feature in the immediate area.
2. Colored red by oxidized iron in the sand, the dune is one of many in a vast coastal desert that stretches north-south for about 2,000 kilometers. This dune in particular towers above the western terminus of an ephemeral river that has cut a prominent path into the desert and dead-ends in a closed drainage basin.
3. Along with other nearby dunes, canyons and features such as an ominously named stretch of coastal desert littered with wrecked ship hulls, the dune is among the most popular tourist destinations in the host country and attracts adventurous hikers and photographers to ascend its ridges to the summit.
Name the dune and its host country.
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Answer: Named because of its imposing stature, massive Big Daddy dune rises above other red sand dunes near Sossusvlei, a drainage basin at the terminus of the ephemeral Tsauchab River in Namibia’s Namib Desert. Along with other locales, such as the Skeleton Coast, Big Daddy is one of the country’s most popular tourist sites. Photo is by Harvey Leifert.

August winners:
Claude Bolze (Sapulpa, Okla.)
Howard Feldman (Scarsdale, N.Y.)
Jeff Kirtland (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
Charlie Roll (Gansevoort, N.Y.)
Sarah Swanson
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01 Aug 2013