Where on Earth? - April 2013

Clues for April 2013:
1. This 3-kilometer-long flat-topped mesa is composed of altered and folded phyllites, slates and greywackes as well as intrusive granite, all emplaced during the Late Precambrian, and capped by Ordovician-aged quartzite and sandstone.
2. Along with several other topographic highs carved from the same rock, the outcrop lends a dramatic backdrop and an amphitheater-like feel to its host country’s second-largest city — which prominently features the outcrop on its municipal flag.
3. Cable cars and hiking trails take visitors to the top of this popular tourist destination, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which provides gorgeous views of the city, coastline and sea below. The site is also famed for the orographic clouds that often drape like cloth over its edges.
Name the mountain and its location.
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Answer: Table Mountain overlooks Cape Town, South Africa, and is made of Ordovician quartzite and sandstone atop Late Precambrian rock. The 3-kilometer-long mesa is a popular site for hikers and tourists, and offers beautiful views of the city, coastline and ocean below. The orographic clouds that drape over its edges are known as the “tablecloth.” Photo is by Michael Main.

April winners:
Al Hrynyshyn (Orem, Utah)
Marc Hutton (Raleigh, N.C.)
Bo Nonn (Portland, Ore.)
Stefan Poklemba (Hailey, Idaho)
Elisabeth Widom (Oxford, Ohio)
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01 Apr 2013