Where on Earth? - April 2012

Clues for April 2012:
1. This mountain is a Quaternary-aged stratovolcano, more than a half million years old, and forms the backdrop of a major U.S. city. Over the last 15,000 years, four eruptions poured pyroclastic block-and-ash flows and lahars into four nearby river systems; the most recent eruption is thought to have occurred in the 1790s.
2. A hiking trail more than 60 kilometers long circumnavigates the volcano, a stretch of which is shared with a hiking trail that runs the length of the host country.
3. Ski teams train here during summer months, as good snow conditions typically persist thanks to the volcano’s location and high elevation. The volcano’s elevation has also inspired artists, including Larry Booth, who created a “Topo Art” (above left) of the mountain (see print story, p. 54).
Name the volcano and its location.
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Answer: Initially formed more than half a million years ago, Mount Hood is a Quaternary-aged stratovolcano located about 80 kilometers east of downtown Portland, Ore. Today, Mount Hood draws outdoor enthusiasts, as well as photographers and artists to its flanks. Photo of Mount Hood is from NASA; Photo of Mount Hood “Topo Art” also in the April issue is by Larry Booth.
April winners
Bill Bour (Ashburn, Va.)
Art Johnson (Kenner, La.)
Margaret B. Mathis (Morris, N.Y.)
Steve J. Smith (Woodbridge, Va.)
Grace Sherwood Winer (Seattle, Wash.)
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01 Apr 2012