Support for Digital Edition of EARTH

EARTH is pleased to provide access to digital versions of the magazine to our subscribers.  We provide the magazine in up to three different format. Below are some suggestions for reading EARTH digitially.


The PDF version of the magazine reproduces the print layout of the magazine and can be readily viewed on any PDF reader on any device.


ePub is the industry standard eBook format and is specifically designed to make reading on different devices easier and more accessible.  ePub provides flowable and resizeable text. All content in EARTH is still contained in the ePub version.  How it will exactly look will depend on the specific device you are using.  To get the ePub file to your device will depend on the specific device.  Some devices, like the iPad, you can email the file to yourself and open the attachment in iBooks, which will then automatically save it to your library.  On other devices you may need to connect it by usb or use a cloud file service like dropbox or the like.  Please check the instructions on your ePub reading program.


Mobi is the format used by for their Kindle e-readers.  It is very similar to ePub in that it reflows to make the text more readable on different devices.  The best way to get the file onto your kindle would be to email it to your kindle's account for uploading personal documents.  After you email the file, it should arrive on your kindle reader in about 5 minutes or so.  Please see, and click "Send to Kindle by E-mail" for more information.