The Future of EARTH Magazine is Here


The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) has decided to end its current role as publisher of EARTH Magazine concluding with the April 2019 digital issue.  AGI has arranged to have the scope and mission of EARTH live on with Nautilus (, a growing, modern science magazine that is deeply respected for its objective, unbiased, high-quality science journalism. 

“In this changing world of publishing, we are excited to continue to ensure that quality geoscience journalism is available in the public discourse, and Nautilus is exactly the type of publication that our loyal readers will love for its narrative style, journalistic excellence, and well-researched science,“ says AGI Executive Director Allyson Anderson Book.  “Teaming with AGI to continue the legacy of EARTH Magazine is enabling Nautilus to launch its Earth channel in its online publication platform, where leading stories about our planet will have a premier home,” explains Nautilus Publisher John Steele.  And through the new Nautilus EARTH channel, the coverage of Earth, energy, and the environment that was loved and expected from EARTH Magazine will continue.

Current EARTH subscribers will have the balance of their subscriptions fulfilled by Nautilus, so they will continue to enjoy the broad spectrum of science coverage while still getting their healthy dose of coverage of the Earth, energy, and the environment.  EARTH subscribers will start receiving their new Nautilus benefits beginning with the May 2019 issue.

In addition, AGI will keep the existing EARTH Magazine website open to all current subscribers so they can continue to access the archive of articles, as well as download issues from the archive back to the inaugural EARTH Magazine issue in September 2008.

AGI thanks its subscribers for their loyal readership and is excited for the future collaboration between AGI and Nautilus as we work together to continue EARTH’s scope and mission within Nautilus.


Allyson Anderson Book

AGI Executive Director