EARTH IP Access Request Form

Please complete this form for IP-based access for your institution to the listed products.  We will verify your subscription and expect to complete your activation within 5 business days.  If you wish to complete a paper form, please download a PDF copy at

Terms of Service
The terms of service for access to the digital version of EARTH Magazine are available at

Activating Digital Access
Access to the digital archive of EARTH, once your access is activated can be done via two separate portals.

  1. On, click on Digital Edition and follow the link to institutional access
  2. Provide a direct link to:


The Institution name as found on the EARTH subscription.
Responsible person for us to contact in the event there is an issue with your request.
EMail of the contact person.
Current mailing address of the subscription. This is helpful for us to ensure we properly match your subscription to this request.
The IP address blocks you are requesting access for. We prefer to receive these values in CIDR format (e.g. but we can also utilize address ranges as well.
Do you want to continue to receive the print version of EARTH Magazine? If you select No, it may take 1-2 issues before you stop receiving print copies.