Where on Earth? - November 2016

by The American Geosciences Institute
Monday, October 24, 2016

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Clues for November 2016:

  1. This nautically named area features rock formations that have been named for various parts of a ship’s architecture.

  2. The predominant feature in the area is a ridge formed of trachyte, a gray, fine-grained, alkali feldspar volcanic rock. The ridge, a remnant of a volcano that was last active 24 million years ago, branches off a main range in a nearby national park of the same name.

  3. The area lies near the shared border of two of the six states of this island nation — much of the early, nonaboriginal population of which arrived on the type of ship for which the area is named.

Name the area and its host state and country.

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Answer: The Steamers in Queensland, Australia — a ridge formed of trachyte, a gray, fine-grained alkali feldspar volcanic rock — includes features that reminded early settlers of a steamship. The photo, taken from a lookout called the Stern, shows (from right to left) the Mast, the Funnel and the Bow. Photo by Jeff Kirtland. November Winners: John J. Hebberger Jr. (Jackson, Wyo.) Art Johnson (Kenner, La.) Amanda Leas (Portland, Ore.) Donna McMillen (Lihue, Hawaii) Brendan Sibre (Falls Church, Va.) Visit the Where on Earth? archive.

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