Where on Earth? - March 2016

by The American Geosciences Institute
Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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Clues for March 2016:

  1. These double falls in a national park are located on Two Medicine Creek between Two Medicine Lake and Lower Two Medicine Lake.

  2. Over eons, the hard limestone bedrock was carved by the relentless flow of water, which excavated an underground channel. Late in the summer as the creek flow diminishes, water often only pours over the lower falls.

  3. The falls are named after a female Indian warrior named Pitamakan, who was chief of the Pikuni Blackfeet tribe and who led war parties on many successful raids. The falls also have a “sneaky” nickname courtesy of the unusual rock formations over which they flow.

Name the falls and the national park.

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Answer: Running Eagle Falls, also known as Trick Falls, in Glacier National Park in northwest Montana lies on Two Medicine Creek, which excavated an underground channel through its limestone bed to produce the double waterfall. The falls are named after Pitamakan, a female Indian warrior who was chief of the Pikuni Blackfeet tribe. Photo is by George Seielstad.

March Winners: T.J. Arnhold (Quakertown, Pa.) Les Paul Beard (Tucson, Ariz.) Tania Crocker (Lutong, Sarawak, Malaysia) Rick Farrand (Denver, Colo.) Dan McCue (Clifton Park, N.Y.)

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