Where on Earth? - August 2016

Where on Earth - August 2016

Clues for August 2016:

1. This lake lies in a well-known mountainous Canadian national park that takes its name from a town in Scotland and contains many glaciers and icefields. It lies along a well-traveled “icy” parkway that parallels the continental divide.

2. The lake, named for an early trail guide and trapper in the area, is dammed by an end moraine.

3. The glacial streams that feed the lake also deliver heavy loads of glacial flour — finely ground sediment produced by glacial scouring of bedrock — to which the lake owes its surreal turquoise color.



Name the lake and its national park.

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Answer: Peyto Lake in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, is fed by glacial streams that deliver heavy bedloads of glacial flour — finely ground sediment produced by glacial scouring of bedrock — which gives the lake its surreal turquoise color. Photo is by Ethan Weber.

August Winners:
Marie T. Grogan (Wauwatosa, Wis.)
John J. Hebberger Jr. (Jackson, Wyo.)
Joe St. Martin (Mystic, Conn.)
Ted Schulenberg (Kerrville, Texas)
Stephen Tomlin (Mount Evelyn, Victoria, Australia)

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