Road biking in Moab

by Terri Cook
Thursday, May 24, 2018

Credit: Mary Caperton Morton

Moab, Utah, is often called a mecca for mountain bikers. What fewer people know is that Moab is also home to some of the most spectacular road biking in the world.

Moab hosts the annual Skinny Tire Festival in March, which features four days of rides ranging from 58 to 103 kilometers, and the Moab Century Tour — a 160-kilometer (100-mile, hence the name) ride — each September. The most unique ride is surely the Moonshadows in May event, where cyclists ride from Moab to a spectacular overlook in Dead Horse Point State Park in the moonlight. These festivals provide the perfect excuse to visit outside the hot and crowded summer season, although the small town of Moab can still be overrun with tourists.

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