Getting there and getting around Bermuda

by Sam Lemonick
Friday, January 9, 2015

Several major airlines serve Bermuda’s L.F. Wade International Airport, located on St. David’s Island about 30 minutes from Bermuda’s capital and largest city, Hamilton. Dozens of bus routes can take passengers to almost any place on the island, but getting to and from the airport — or anywhere with large suitcases — on the bus is frowned upon. Instead, take a taxi. Rental cars are not available to visitors. The alternative is scooters, but nerves of steel and good health insurance are a must for navigating the narrow, windy, high-speed roads. And although the island is small — less than two-thirds the size of Manhattan — and many places are within walking distance, few roads outside Hamilton have sidewalks or even shoulders. A handful of ferry routes can also help you reach some destinations.

Hamilton has several large hotels, and other hotels and resorts are scattered around Bermuda, including a number of smaller guesthouses and bed-and-breakfasts. High-end resorts generally have their own bars and restaurants, and many have golf courses, tennis courts and beaches for guests to use. Most hotels also rent boats, snorkel gear and other equipment. Bermuda uses U.S. dollars interchangeably with its own currency, the Bermudian Dollar.

Without a native population, Bermuda doesn’t exactly have a local cuisine, but British and Portuguese inspirations are most common, and seafood is ubiquitous. Hamilton boasts the bulk of the island’s restaurants, particularly for fine dining, but St. George and other small towns have good fare as well. Bermudians are often more formal than Americans might be used to, but are generally friendly and helpful. A warm “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” goes a long way.

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