Bare Earth Elements: The field camp experience in photos

A group shot of students at the University of Missouri's field camp in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming.


Courtesy of Miriam Barquero-Molina

For the August issue of EARTH, I wrote about some of the ways in which geology's longstanding rite of passage — field camp — has changed over the years, as well as how it has remained the same. In the process of researching and reporting the story, I had the great pleasure to speak with past and present field camp directors (a couple of whom I knew already from my own time as a graduate student) about the camps they oversee and about their experiences both attending and leading field camps. I also collected many more photographs than we could run with the story, so I thought I'd put together a slideshow to showcase a few more. Enjoy!

For even more shots from field camp, check out the "Life in the Field" photo contest that the American Geosciences Institute's GeoConnection sponsored a few years ago. And, for students or others interested in field camp, check out lists of current field camp programs here and here.

Timothy Oleson
Monday, July 22, 2013 - 08:30