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Student Opportunities


The University of Haifa in Israel is offering a full-tuition scholarship for the 2014-2015 MSc in Marine Geosciences Program.

The International MSc Program in Marine Geosciences prepares students for careers in all aspects of exploration and production of the world's energy resources. Using the Eastern Mediterranean Sea as a natural marine laboratory, program provides students with a unique opportunity to develop practical scientific experience at sea, together with hands-on training on the most advanced computer software.

The MSc Program is two years in length and is taught in English. In addition to coursework, the program includes deep sea, coastal, and underwater field excursions, and geological field trips to marine structures currently exposed onshore. Topics to be studied range from the structure of the seafloor to the dynamics of the water above it, the relation to climate changes and coastline developments in present and past times, the influences of human evolution, geology of marine sediments, ocean tectonics and more. Students are required to complete a thesis and research project by the end of the second year. 

Starting Date: October 26, 2014


For more information, email our admissions coordinator, Natalya, who will be happy to answer any questions Visit our website at

EARTH Science Writing Externship

EARTH’s externship is essentially an as-you-can or as-you-feel-like-it writing opportunity for select students or inexperienced science writers. It is an opportunity for you to learn about the process of writing and editing a news story and for you to get published clips. It fits around your schedule. We work with up to three students at a time.

If you are chosen to be an EARTH extern, in any given week or month when you have time to write, you'll email us and say, "Hey, I have time to write this week." Then, either you can pitch stories to us — which we would love if you feel confident in making pitches or would at least like the practice (most students don't, or don't have the time to comb the literature looking for stories) — or we can assign you a story. That is up to you. If you'd like to pitch ideas, go for it.

If you'd like us to assign you ideas, email us when you're ready for an assignment. We'll go from there. You can write as frequently or infrequently as works for you.

You can perform this work from your location, at your leisure. Once a story is assigned, you’ll have anywhere from a few days to two weeks to turn it around once it's assigned. We do ask that you stick closely to deadlines, so please keep that in mind when you tell us when you're ready to write.

Being a monthly news magazine, we obviously work on a monthly schedule. We usually assign stories for print mid-month and they're due a week or two later, with edits to follow. If you are not free when those news stories are due, then we will work around your schedule and will most likely post your stories to our website rather than put them in print (they may still appear in print as well though — at our discretion). There is also no guarantee of publication.

Whether for print or the website, you'll get published clips, professionally edited, and we will work with you throughout the process, helping you to hone your craft. We do not pay for clips as we consider this an educational opportunity for you.

If you're interested in the experience, email your resume, a cover letter, and at least one writing sample to